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VMATYC 2015 Fall  Newsletter

Spring Peer Group Meeting

You may remember that we have worked out a plan with the VCCS that every other year they will host a Peer Group meeting and in the off years, we will host our own VMATYC conference (as we did last year at the great meeting in Tidewater!). This spring will be a Math and Computer Science Peer Group meeting hosted by the Professional Development Office of the VCCS. We have confirmed that the meeting will be February 19-20, 2016 at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg. Our local host will be Alison Moore. We are planning the opening meal (lunch on Friday—note that is different from our normal start of Friday afternoon) with a great speaker. The meeting will continue Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. At the conclusion of the meeting on Saturday, VMATYC will host a lunch during our annual business meeting. Watch for announcements in the near future about proposing a talk, registering for the meeting, and reserving a hotel room. Please note that those important announcements will come from the VCCS, so please pay attention when they come!

Please contact me at bwahl@nvcc.edu if you have questions or comments

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